229 from 25 different countries and regions attending this year’s market, up from 222 from 20 last year.

The 9th TIFFCOM market in Tokyo opened for business yesterday (Oct 23) with plenty of foot traffic at its new venue on the man-made island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay.

Organisers reported a record number of exhibiting organisations, 229 from 25 different countries and regions, up from 222 exhibitors from 20 last year. Of the 229 exhibitors, 113 are showing for the first time, from emerging countries in South America, the Middle East and Africa.

The market also reports about 1,000 registered buyers. Notably buyers from Japan are up 129% year-on-year to 462, Korean buyers are up 112% to 102, Chinese up 113% to 53, and Thais are up 204% to 49. One buyer less from the US makes 38 this year, while Taiwan and Hong Kong both dropped 3% to 75 and 71 respectively.

The market booths are on an open-plan floor in Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba while the TIFFCOM Project Market takes place upstairs on the 29th floor. The market floor brings together exhibitors of film, television, digital media content, comics, and publications.

“In Roppongi the space was limited and Japanese exhibitors complained there weren’t enough tables for meetings. This venue has a lot of space so everybody can have lots of meetings at separate tables. People seem happy about that,” said TIFFCOM director Mika Morishita.

She added: “This year everyone is paying attention to the new venue so attendance is up 150% for the first day compared to last year. I was most anxious about the shuttle from Roppongi Hills. We are running four an hour and it seems to be going smoothly.”

The jury is still out on the new venue with some exhibitors welcoming the convenience of being lodged in the same hotel as the market with the open-floor plan, and others complaining that it is too separated from the Tokyo International Film Festival’s main venue in Roppongi Hills and the centre of Tokyo.