Participants include UK’s Neil Thompson [pictured], Canada’s David Cormican, Germany’s Marco Gilles and US-based Susan Lewis.

Producers from Canada, Europe and the US have been selected to participated in this year’s Trans Atlantic Partners (TAP), co-presented by Canada’s Strategic Partners, Germany’s Erich Pommer Institut and New York’s Independent Filmmaker Project.

The three-module training programme is for producers with co-production and co-venture projects in development. The first module will be held in Berlin from June 23-28 before moving to Halifax’s Strategic Partners (Sept 11-16) and then to New York’s No Borders (Sept 17-20).

This year’s selected participants are:

Canadians: Serge Noel (co-producer, Games of the Heart; producer, Nuages Sur La Ville); Karen Shaw (co-producer, Nigeria’s Climate In Crisis; co-producer, Jack and Jill vs. The World); David Cormican (executive producer, The Tall Man; executive producer, Faces in the Crowd); Cher Hawrysh (producer, Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action; co-producer, Scared Sacred); Judy Holm (producer, Victoria Day, Radio Revolution: The Rise & Fall of the Big 8; producer, 100 Films and a Funeral); Mark Montefiore (producer, Eating Buccaneers; co-producer, Picnicface, TV Series); Chantal Lafleur, (producer, A Cargo To Africa, Sogokuru)

Europeans: Nicole Carmen-Davis, British (executive producer, Malice in Wonderland, Fifty Dead Men Walking); Marco Gilles, German (co-producer, Bibliothèque Pascal; associate producer, Cheri-Dangerous Liaisons); Fabian Maubach, German (producer, Cracks in the Shell [Die Unsichtbare], The Day I Was Not Born [Das Lied in mir]); Pauli Pentti, Finnish (producer, Naked Harbour); Neil Thompson, British (producer, Clubbed); Ewa Pytka, Polish (producer, Milczenie jest zlotem [Silence is Golden]); Kestutis Drazdauskas, Lithuanian (producer, Diringas, Santa; co-producer, God’s Got His Head in the Clouds); Ole Wendorff-Østergaard, Danish (co-producer, Antichrist, The Blessing)

Americans: Ryan Zacarias (producer, Septien, The Colonel’s Bride); Jenny Schweitzer-Bell (producer, 12 & Holding), Former Head of Production at Vox 3 Films; Jodi Redmond (producer, Fray, Crazy Beats Strong Every Time); Monique Peterson (producer, Mommy Mafia - web series); Katie Mustard (producer, Night Catches Us, Restless City); Susan Lewis (executive producer, Pariah), former development executive, MTV Films; Kisha Cameron Dingle - former executive with New Line Films and runs Focus Features’ Africa First Program; Alex Johnes - (producer, The House I Live In)

“We know this format has proved to be tremendously effective in providing essential training,” said TAP co-presenter and Strategic Partners Director, Jan Miller. “The Canada-France feature film co-pro, Home Sweet Home went to camera June 4. This international collaboration came about as a direct result of Gearshift Films producer, Borga Dorter (Canada), and Countess Films producer, Douchka Papierski (France), building a relationship through TAP.”

The June module will present case studies of Laurent Cantet’s Foxfire and David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method.