The Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films, part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), will feature 23 titles – including the world premiere of new works from David Verbeek and Sergei Loznitsa.

Among the competing films are world premieres by Mika Taanila (Finland), Sergei Loznitsa (Russia), Nicolas Provost (Belgium) and Guido van der Werve, David Verbeek and Erik van Lieshout (The Netherlands).

The jury consists of Joost Rekveld (visual artist, The Netherlands), Phil Collins (filmmaker,photographer and producer, United Kingdom) and Solange Farkas (curator and director of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, Brazil).

Each of the three Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films comes with €3,000 prize and a video camera. The winners will be announced on 28 January in festival location WORM, Rotterdam.

  • See below for full list of films

IFFR will also host Spectrum Shorts, which comprises 186 short and medium-length films including new works from Makino Takashi (Japan), Nathaniel Dorsky (USA), Shambhavi Kaul (India), Serdar Yilmaz (Turkey), Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen (Malaysia), Sandro Aguilar (Portugal), Michael Robinson (USA), Marina Abramovic (USA), Hito Steyrl (Germany) , Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (France), Johan Grimonprez (Belgium), John Smith (UK), Michael Almereyda (USA), Ben Rivers (UK), Rosto AD (Netherlands) and John Skoog (Sweden).

The full line-up will be released on Jan 17. Spectrum Shorts is brought together by IFFR’s short films editorial committee, consisting of Juliette Jansen, Erwin van ‘t Hart, Theus Zwakhals, Maaike Gouwenberg, Peter Taylor and headed by IFFR Programmer Peter van Hoof.

Set to be held from 24-28 January, the shorts programme will also include a tribute to Finnish filmmaker and visual artist Mika Taanila, the ‘Mind the Gap’ program of audiovisual live performances and two programmes of recent short films from the Middle East.

Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2013

Though I Know the River Is Dry, Omar Robert Hamilton, United Kingdom/Palestine, 2013, 20’, world premiere

Atropa, Peter-Conrad Beyer, Germany, 2013, 24’, world premiere

Immortelle, David Verbeek, Taiwan/Netherlands, 2013, 17’, world premiere

Letter, Sergei Loznitsa, Russia, 2013, 20‘, world premiere

Kuuden päivän juoksu (Six Day Run), Mika Taanila, Finland, 2013, 15’, world premiere

Tokyo Giants, Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 2013, 23’, world premiere

Fikon (Figs), Tony Cederteg, Sweden, 2013, 5’, world premiere

Nummer veertien, home (Number Fourteen, Home), Guido van der Werve, Netherlands, 2012, 54’, world premiere

Da Vinci, Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 2012, 25‘, international premiere

Dentro (Inside), Emiliano Rocha Minter, Mexico, 2012, 15‘, international premiere

Eris, Claire Hooper, United Kingdom, 2012, 36’, international premiere

The Tiger’s Mind, Beatrice Gibson, United Kingdom, 2012, 20’, international premiere

Greystone, Kerry Tribe, USA, 2012, 29’, European premiere

Agit (The Lament), Aydin Ketenag, Turkey, 2012, 30’, European premiere

Insight, Sebastian Dias Morales, Netherlands/Argentina, 2012, 12’, European premiere

By Pain and Rhyme and Arabesques of Foraging, David Gatten, USA, 8’, European premiere

Continuity, Omer Fast, Germany, 2012, 41’, European premiere

Mae (The Mother), Pimpaka Towira, Thailand, 2012, 15’, European premiere

Die Arbeiterinnen verlassen die Fabrik (Workers Leaving the Factory (Again), Katharina Gruzei, Austria, 2012, 11‘

Unsupported Transit, Zachary Formwalt, Netherlands, 2011, 15‘

Secretion, Willie Doherty, Ireland, 2012, 20’

Museum of Imagination, Amit Dutta, India, 2012, 20’

Janus, Erik van Lieshout, Netherlands, 2012, 51’