As the World Cup enters the second round this weekend with morehot weather forecast for most of Europe, distributors are looking toconsolidate their gains.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI)'s The Da VinciCode, currently on$485.2m, and Fox International's X-Men: The Last Stand, now on $186.2m, have been the majorplayers in recent weeks. Decent holds should see both pictures bear down on thenext hundred million mark.

Also making waves is Warner Bros Pictures International's Poseidon, which enters Russian waters on Jun 22.It currently stands at $70.8m.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens Cars in a slew of smaller markets and theinternational running total should climb from $17.5m to more than $20m.

Scary Movie 4 stands at $70m to date and opens in France on Jun 21, Spain on Jun22, and Taiwan on Jun 23.

SPRI unleashes its new comedy Click day-and-date with North America in Australiaand New Zealand on Jun 22 on 285 and 48 screens respectively.

Sony's action picture Ultraviolet launches in the UK on 250 screens on Jun23 and Japan a day later on 150. The Milla Jovovich vehicle stands at $5.2m todate.

Universal's domestic hit comedy The Break-Up has taken $8.1m from the early stages ofrelease and goes out through Universal in seven markets led by France andSwitzerland on Jun 21.

Paramount's animated feature Over The Hedge opens in Australia and New Zealand on Jun22, followed by South Africa a day later.

The picture has grossed more than $18.6m including South Korea,where UIP is not handling the release and it has taken more than $5.2m.

Fox International has no major openings for its Garfield sequel, currently at $2.1m, but willlaunch Date Movie inItaly on Jun 23 on more than 220 prints. The teen picture stands at $30.1m.

Horror title The Hills Have Eyes opens in director Alex Aja's native Franceon Jun 21 on 250. It has grossed $16.2m from all its markets so far.