Five new Australian films have received a production greenlight from Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC), including projects from world-renowned directors Jane Campion (The Piano), Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) and Sue Brooks (Japanese Story).

All three of these films - UK/Australian period film Bright Star, horror film Long Weekend and comedy drama Subdivision - have received financing through FFC's marketplace door. This means that at least 55% of the budget is coming from other sources.

The other two films are by first-time directors and have come through the FFC's evaluation door.

The FFC has also signalled its intention to fund an additional six feature films including The Cup, which will mark Simon Wincer's first film back in Australia for 20 years, and Balibo, about the deaths of five members of the media in East Timor.

Financed through Marketplace:


Jan Chapman Films Pty Ltd

Producers: Jan Chapman, Caroline Hewitt

Director/Writer: Jane Campion

Sales and Distribution: Hopscotch, Pathe

Synopsis: Intense exploration of the two-year relationship between the 18-year-old Fanny Brawne and 23-year-old John Keats; the now famous English romantic poet.


Arclight Films Pty Ltd

Producers: Nigel Odell, Gary Hamilton

Director: Jamie Blanks

Writer: Everett De Roche

Sales and Distribution: Arclight Films, Arclight Films International

Synopsis: A married couple takes a camping trip to a remote beach to heal their savagely wounded relationship, but prove as destructive and lethal to the world around them as they are to themselves.


Freshwater Pictures

Executive Producer: Janice Bradnam, Richard Guardian, Trish Lake,

Producers: Trish Lake, Owen Johnston

Director: Sue Brooks

Writers: Janice Bradnam, Ashley Bradnam, Terry McCann

Sales and Distribution: Lightning Entertainment, Buena Vista Australia, Reyna Films, Motion Picture Distribution LP

Synopsis: When Southern developers move in on Hervey Bay, hot young exec Tiffany Lambert, forces local builders to lift their game.

Financed through Evaluation:


Media World Pictures Pty Ltd

Producer: Ross Hutchens

Director/Writer: Richard Frankland

Sales and Distribution: SBSi, Lightning Entertainment

Synopsis: Eddie is being drawn home from the city on important cultural business, but his trip gets off to a rocky start when he discovers his older but more wayward cousin Charlie has 'lost' Eddie's special stone.


Palm Beach Pictures Pty Ltd

Producer: David Elfick

Director: Shawn Seet

Writer: Rai Fazio, Jan Sardi

Sales and Distribution: Buena Vista International, Showtime PMP, Hanway Films

Synopsis: The story of how a father's thwarted ambition threatens to destroy his most precious possessions - the love of his wife and the allegiance of his son.

Letters of Intent through Evaluation:


Producer/Director/Writer: Alkinos Tsilimidos

Producer: Paul Walton

Sales and Distribution: IFM World Releasing

Synopsis: A cinematic cocktail featuring a Vietnam veteran with a penchant for flashing women, an underage hooker, her delinquent brother and a lonely nymphomaniac.


Lunar Films and Film Art Doco

Producer: Sue Maslin

Director/Writer: Clara Law

Writer: Eddie LC Fong

Sales and Distribution: Cineclick Asia

Synopsis: The story of a woman who has psychic power but fails to see a catastrophe looming when a stranger gatecrashes her life.


Balibo Film Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Andrew Myer

Producer: John Maynard, Rebecca Williamson

Director/Writer: Robert Connolly

Writer: David Williamson

Sales and Distribution: Footprint Films

Synopsis: War correspondent Roger East and the young Jose Ramos Horta travel to East Timor to investigate the murders of the Balibo Five.


Executive Producer: Trish Lake

Producer/Director/Writer: Peter Hegedus

Producers: Jane Jeffes, Trish Lake

Sales and Distribution: Cinema Libre

Synopsis: A film challenging our notions - positive and negative - of the US and the American Dream.


An Actors Cafe/Instinct Entertainment co-production

Producer/Director/Writer: Matt Norman

Producer: David Redman

Sales and Distribution: Instinct Distribution, Instinct Eden Rock International

Synopsis: There has never been a convenient time to protest against injustice.


Producer/Director/Writer: Simon Wincer

Producers: Jan Bladier, David Lee, Lance Hool

Writer: Eric O'Keefe

Sales and Distribution: Roadshow Films, Myriad Pictures

Synopsis: The story of a jockey facing the most difficult challenge of his life, following the tragic death of his brother, in the lead up to the 2002 Melbourne Cup.