Parker Posey, Gena Rowlandsand Jeanne Moreau are attached to star in actress Zoe Cassavetes' firstfeature as director, Broken English, which isexpected to go into production in the next few months.

The film, about a mid-30swoman who is becoming debilitated by a lack of luck in love, is produced by NewYork-based Vox3 Films founded by producers Andrew Fierberg, Christina WeisLurie and director Steven Shainberg.

Shainberg directed Secretary and is currently in post on Fur starring Nicole Kidman and RobertDowney Jnr.

Fierberg, whose creditsinclude Secretary, Keane and Fur, is also in post on writer/director Matt Mahurin's Feel which was shot in late 2005 andtells the stories behind four men in a massage parlour and the women workingthere.

Mahurin made the documentaryI Like Killing Flies but is bestknown for music videos.

Vox3 aims to build a libraryof low-budget films and about six are in active development. Fierberg classifieslow-budget as less than $2m but regards under $1m as the fail-safe model forreturning money to his investors.

"The deal I make withwriter/directors is that if we cannot raise the money within 18 months they cantake the project some place else," he told"We are obliged to process them through quickly on these budget levels."

Fierberg is in Australia this week as part of IndiVision, a low-budgetfilmmaking initiative. During the visit he has been investigating thepossibilities of bypassing sales agents.