Film and television production in 2005 generated more than 1.3m American jobs and $60.4bn in output to the US economy, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) chief Dan Glickman told delegates at a symposium in Washington DC yesterday [Feb 6].

Glickman was speaking before the start of 'The Business Of Show Business', a one-day event staged to inform policy-makers about the needs and benefits of the industry.

Reading from a report, 'The Economic Impact Of The Motion Picture And Television Production Industry On The United States', Glickman also revealed that film and television production resulted in $30.24bn in wages for American workers and created a $9.5bn trade surplus.

'The creative output of the American motion picture and television industry is widely appreciated around the world, yet its contribution to the nation's economy is seldom recognised,' Glickman said.

He added: 'Policymakers need to understand more clearly the economic power of the movies, the incredible risk and investment involved in making a movie, and challenges we face as an industry.'

Symposium attendees included Academy Award nominee Will Smith, Michael Apted, Taylor Hackford, Netflix founder Reed Hastings, and BitTorrent co-founder Ashwin Navin.