Lantana, Moulin Rouge, Mullet and The Bank have a chance of being crowned best film in the 2002 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards with the trophy going to one of the producers, namely Jan Chapman, Baz Luhrmann (and others), Vincent Sheehan or John Maynard respectively.

But the directors of each of these films have also been nominated for the best director honour - also in order, Ray Lawrence, Luhrmann, David Caesar and Robert Connolly - and all the writers are in one of the two screenwriting categories. Luhrmann and Craig Pearce, Caesar, Connolly, and Anna-Maria Monticelli (La Spagnola) are nominated for their original work, while Andrew Bovell (Lantana), Daniel Keene (Silent Partner), Anne Kennedy (The Monkey's Mask) and Richard Lowenstein (He Died With A Felafel In His Hand) are in the running for their adaptations.

Alice Ansara, Kerry Armstrong, Rose Byrne, Nicole Kidman, and Susie Porter are nominated for best actress, while Anthony La Paglia, Ewan McGregor, Ben Mendelsohn and David Wenham are in the running for best actor.