Mark Gill and Neil Sacker's financing, production and international sales company The Film Department has acquired Noah Lukeman's script Brothers In Arms and hired Marcel Langenegger to direct.

The company is targeting a March 31 2008 start date in the Czech Republic and is out to casting on the true story set at the end of the second world war about a top secret mission order by General George S Patton to rescue his son-in-law from behind enemy lines.

Patton provided 294 men for an assignment top brass believe would require 3,000. Twenty-four-year-old Captain Abe Baum led the team into what his superiors wrongly believed was a suicide mission.

Langenegger directed thriller The Tourist starring Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams that is produced by Jackman's Seed Productions and will open in April 2008 through 20th Century Fox.

Gill will produce with Robert Katz and Sacker will serve as executive producer alongside Jason Hall.

New York-based literary agent and author Lukeman based his first screenplay on the book Raid! The Untold Story Of Patton's Secret Mission by Richard Baron, Baum himself and Richard Goldhurst.

'All the best war movies have a great theme, a compelling narrative and a distinctive visual style,' Langenegger said. 'With Brothers In Arms, we have the opportunity to achieve all of those things - using contemporary film grammar - all in the service of an amazing untold true story.'

Dan Stutz negotiated the deals on behalf of The Film Department.

Langenegger is represented by CAA and attorney Carlos Goodman. Lukeman is represented by The William Morris Agency, Shawn Simon of Anonymous Content and attorney Stuart Rosenthal. The book rights were represented by CAA.