Film London, Film Export UK and Skillset have launched Market Place Live, an online video resource with experts talking through every step of the film value chain.

A panel of experts talked about taking a hypothetical film project through all stages from idea to exhibition.

The experts were filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, Ealing’s Barnaby Thompson, Revolver Entertainment CEO Justin Marciano, Focus Features co-president Alison Thompson, BFI’s Head of Distribution and Exhibition Pete Buckingham, MD of Independent Film Sales Andrew Orr, financier Leon Clarance and DVD Pro’s Mike Levine.

The training resource video of the session, online now for anyone to view, offering an insider’s view into the way that independent films are developed, financed, produced and distributed.

The video was recorded at a live event in London last month.

Andrew Orr, Independent Film Sales, said the experience was “much more interesting than the other panels I have been on in the past. Thank you to [moderator] Angus [Finney] for his valiant efforts in trying to keep us on track whilst Gurinder rewrote the script and Justin kept bringing his release date forward.”

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London, added: “Market Place Live is a fun yet informative way of looking at how the film industry works. It provides up and coming film-makers with a unique insight into the process and by filming it we are able to reach a must wider audience. The success of the Market Place Live is in no small part down to the fantastic panel who really got into the spirit of the event and made it extremely engaging and entertaining. I’d like to thank our partners Film Export UK and Skillset for making it possible to deliver such a great event and resource.”

The video is here.