The independent film-making collective the Film-makers Alliance (FA) has partnered up with production and distribution outfit Cinema Libre Studio to launch The Film-makers Alliance Collection, a video label that the partners have styled as a response to the studio-dominated distribution system.The collection's initial slate comprises five festival hits, the first of which, Erik Moe and Peter Rudy's high school hockey comedy No Sleep 'Til Madison, will reach stores by March.Consecutive months will see the release of Babak Shokrian's study of Iranian immigrants in Los Angeles during the 1979 hostage crisis in America So Beautiful; Kim Caviness' quirky porn comedy Temptation; Whitney Ransick's avant-garde Shock Television; and Jacques Thelemaque's redemption tale The Dogwalker.The collection will be available in most video stores in DVD and VHS format and will sell on the FA's website as well as on the individual filmmakers' websites.Filmmakers Alliance will employ an aggressive grassroots marketing strategy by using its broad network of associations, media contacts, and more than 300 members.Cinema Libre Distribution, a unit of Cinema Libre Studio, is an entertainment company with more than 15 years of domestic and international distribution experience in theatrical, home video and television.In a statement Diane Gaidry-Thelemaque, FA co-founder and The Collection's programmer, said: 'Once upon a time filmmakers made interesting, innovative films which were called 'independent'. Then Hollywood noticed this type of film could be profitable and co-opted the market.Now 'independent films' are mostly financed, packaged, distributed and marketed by the studio factories on their indie labels. And the homogeneity shows."We are committed to creating a distribution pipeline for truly independent films that typically get overlooked because of their lack of star power."These films are smart, personal, highly creative in content and form, and tell stories we haven't seen a thousand times over."