Film Movement has acquired Philippe Aractingi's Lebanese drama Under The Bombs and Srdan Golubovic's Serbian film noir The Trap.

Aractingi shot Under The Bombs during the Lebanon-Israel conflict in 2006 and the story centres on the understanding that develops between a Christian taxi driver and his fare, a Shiite woman from Beirut searching for her son.

Film Movement's president Adley Gartenstein negotiated the deal with Memento Films' head of sales and acquisitions Tanja Meissner.

'Philippe Aractingi's feature shows us the images of the devastation in Lebanon two years ago that we never saw on TV, and it does so without an ounce of sensationalism,' Gartenstein said.

The Trap charts the moral dilemmas faced by a man in post Milosevic's Serbia who gets a chance to save his dying son's life at a high price.

Gartenstein brorked the deal with Bavaria Film International's head of sales Stefanie Zeitler.