Andrew Herwitz's New York-based Film Sales Company has picked up domestic sales rights aheadto two films - The Overbrook Brothers and Wake Up - set to world premiere at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival.

John Bryant's dramatic competition entry The Overbrook Brothers is a
comedy about two brothers in their 30s who learn they are adopted and
set out to find their biological parents.

Wake Up is a documentary film about Jonas Elrod, an ordinary man who
wakes up one morning with the ability to see demons and spirits.

After he is given a clean bill of health by psychiatrists, ministers
and neurologists, Elrod accepts his fate and embarks on a journey to
make sense of what has happened to him. Elrod directed the projectwith Chloe Crespi.

Herwitz said he was confident the upcoming premieres in Austin, Texas,
would 'set the stage for strong domestic distribution for each.'