Alex Massis' The Film Source has acquired AJ Rickert-Epstein's screwball sci-fi comedy Fingerman, Dr London And The Triangle Project.

Rickert-Epstein and Stephen Murray produced the story of an ordinary suburban man who has to thwart a plot by evil scientists from the future. Christopher Clark and Dan Davidson star.

Film Source's vice president of acquisitions Edward Jordon called Rickert-Epstein a 'modern-day prophet', adding: 'He brings a message of hope to all nerds living in suburbia. Someday they, too, may be kidnapped by evil scientists from the future, develop awesome superpowers, and go on to win the girl of their dreams.'

Fingerman is The Film Source's fourth acquisition this year after the Italian horror title The Seer, UK documentary Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead, and a re-issue of Preaching To The Perverted.

'By the end of May, we will add two more movies to our slate,' Massis said.