Alex Massis' Florida-basedmarketing and sales company The Film Source has picked up for worldwiderepresentation Ravi Ojha's Indian epic Time Heals.

The picture centres on modern-day lovers who discover theymay be the reincarnation of star-crossed freedom fighters struggling againstBritish rule in India.

Kalidas Ojhaproduced the picture, which stars Koneenica Banerjee, Saswata Chatterjee andVictor Banerjee.

'Viewers ofTime Heals will askthemselves: was he, in his past life, actually a traitor to the cause'" FilmSource president Alex Massis said.

"Must she, in her present incarnation, seek revenge forhis apparent treachery' Or is their love story infinitely more far-reachingthan just the two of them' Will time heal all''