In Cannes with three filmsin official selection, the UK's FilmFour has confirmed it is fast-tracking UnderThe Skin, the new project fromwriter Milo Addica (The King) anddirector Jonathan Glazer.

Addica is UK-bound followingCannes to further develop the screenplay with Glazer. A visual effects team isalready at work on designs for the film, a bizarre yarn about extra-terrestrials who pick up hitchhikers in the Highlandsof Scotland and process them as gourmet food back on their planet

The project, producedby Industry Entertainment's Nick Wechsler and Jim Wilson is to shoot inScotland early next year.

"Jonathan is 100 percent committed tothis being his next feature," FilmFourhead Tessa Ross said in Cannes yesterday.

The move comes as FilmFourseeks to re-establish itself as a major player in UK production following theclosure of FilmFour as a stand-alone company three years ago. FilmFour iscommitted to spending a minimum of £10 million a year on feature films.

Here in Cannes, the companyhas announced its involved in a range of new projects, among them Jerry Rothwell's documentary feature Deep Water and PennyWoolcock's Mischief Night. It is alsonurturing new projects from Shane Meadows and Sarah Gavron.