Four international co-productions - by the UK's Christopher Smith, Argentinian Pablo Trapero, Palestinian Hany Abu-Assad and German newcomer Till Franzen - are among seven feature projects receiving a total of Euros 2.5m production support from Filmstiftung NRW in its latest round of funding.

Euros 500,000 was allocated to Smith's fantastic horror thriller Creep, which will star Franka Potente and shoot this summer as a coproduction between zero west Filmproduktion and the UK's Dan Films partly in a studio in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Abu-Assad's drama Two Days about two youths from the Gaza strip who are just 48 hours away from becoming suicide bombers received Euros 225,000 production backing. The film by Abu-Assad, whose Rana's Wedding screened in Cannes' Critics' Week last year, will be produced by the Dutch production house Augustus Film with Berlin-based Razor Film, Israel's Lama Productions and France's Lumen Films.

Meanwhile, Trapero, whose second feature El Bonaerense screened in Cannes' Un Certain Regard in 2002, was awarded Euros 90,000 for Familia Rodante about a family setting off in an ancient camper van for a wedding in the Argentinian backwoods. The low budget film is being produced by Pandora Filmproduktion with Argentina's Mantanza Cine, France's Paradis Film and broadcasters ZDF and Arte, with Pandora Filmverleih set to release the film theatrically in Germany.

Moreover, Euros 400,000 has been invested into Franzen's feature debut Quiet Love (Stille Liebe), a German-Danish co-production between Cologne-based Discofilm and Nimbus Film, which will feature Antoine Monot jun and Jens Munchow.

The three German features supported were Isabelle Stever's concrete jungle-set love story Gisela, Marco Kreuzpaintner's coming out drama Sommersturm and Anno Saul's comedy Kebab Connection about a young Turk's journey to making the first German kung fu film.