New Line's Final Destination 2 raised its Italian running total to $3.1min its fourth weekend after a $252,827 four-day haul.

Released through EaglePictures, the film dropped off 50% following a 44% screen count reduction. Ithas already taken 96% of the final gross of the 2000 original.

Freddy Vs Jason added $44,492 from 24 screens over four days in its second week inIsrael, where it is released through Forum Films.

The horror film dropped 47% and is currently in third place on a$153,065 running total.

Iceland added $12,548 from two screens in its second week,dropping 36% for a $38,362 total. It is released through Myndform.

In Puerto Rico,where Freddy Vs Jason isreleased through World Films, it added $79,000 from 33 for $1.1m in its fourthweek.