Odeon Film

Film and TV production group Odeon Film is forecasting an operating profit $630,000 (Euros700,000) in the current financial on sales of $45.1m (Euros50.1m) after reporting an EBIT loss of $1.44m (Euro1.6m) for 2000. For 2002 it is forecasting an EBIT $1.53m (Euros1.7m). Director of production Reinhard Klooss said the feature film division will break-even this year and is achieve profitability in 2002.


Beleagured rights trader Intertainment's protracted legal battle with Franchise Pictures and Imperial Bank has, as expected, had a negative effect on its 2000 results. Earnings per share slipped to $0.47 (Euros0.52) from $0.64 (Euro 0.71) in the previous year. EBIT increased 23% from 1999's $11.8m (Euros13.1m) to $14.6m (Euro 16.2m). The company's sales climbed by 206% from 1999's $25.9m (Euros28.7m) to (Euros87.8m). Contrary to recent assertions that the company's coffers were empty, Intertainment said its liquid assets amounted to $65.8m (Euros 72.9m) as of December 31, 2000.