Korean sales company FineCut has closed two deals for Korean titles Chaw and Cyrano Agency in Japan.

King Records has picked up the creature feature Chaw after previously acquiring Bedevilled from FineCut.

According to King Records, they will proceed as planned with the theatrical release of Bedevilled in Japan, set for the 26th this month.
Japanese distributor Fine Films also added the Korean hit romantic drama Cyrano Agency to its spring line-up.

“Despite the recent disasters that are happening in Japan, the Japanese film industry remains committed,” said FineCut in a statement.

“Although many theaters in Japan have temporarily closed since the big earthquake that had occurred on Friday, March 11th, the ones that are still capable are playing films between the power blackouts.”

According to Finecut, 71 - Into The Fire (Kadokawa Shoten) and I Saw The Devil (Broadmedia Studios) are among the Korean films that are still running in theaters in Japan.