Seoul-based sales company Finecut is unveiling four new projects in Cannes, including the next feature from Kim Ki-duk, entitled Moebius.

An exploration of family and sexual desires, the film promises to be the maverick director’s most controversial to date, with a story involving a woman who accidentally inflicts a fatal wound on her son and a father who cuts off his own genitals.

Currently in post-production, the cast of the film is headed by Cho Jae-hyun, Seo Youngju and Lee Eunwoo.

Finecut is also handling international sales on the new animated feature from The King Of Pigs director Yeon Sangho, The Fake. Produced by Next Entertainment World (N.E.W.) and Studio Dadashow, the film revolves a group of villagers who are tricked out of their compensation money when they are told their village is to be submerged.

N.E.W. is also backing and Finecut selling horror thriller Hide And Seek, based on concept that somebody could be living in your house without your knowledge. The feature debut of Huh Jung, the film stars Son Hyun-joo, Chun Mi-sun and Moon Jung-hee.

Finecut is also handling sales on documentary Manshin, about a shaman honoured as a national treasure in Korea, directed by Park Chan-kyong. Park previously co-directed Night Fishing with his brother Park Chan-wook. Also on Finecut’s slate are Chung Keun-sup’s thriller Montage; Lee Hwan-kyung’s hit drama Miracle In Cell No 7; and Park Hoon-jung’s crime thriller New World.