Piotr Tzaskalski's Edi, the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, Lynn Hershmann Leeson's clone thriller Teknolust, starring Tilda Swinton in four roles along with Jeremy Davies and Karen Black, and Ulrike Ottinger's six hour-plus documentary travelling through south east Europe, Sudostpassage. Eine Reise Zu Den Neuen Weissen Flecken Auf Der Landkarte Europas, are among the first raft of titles confirmed for the programme of the 33rd International Forum of New Cinema at the forthcoming Berlinale.

The other titles are:

A Chinese Odyssey 2002 - dir: Jeff Lau (Hong Kong)
Border Line - dir: Lee Sang (Japan)
Day Of The Idiot (Dzien Zwira) - dir: Marek Koterski (Poland)
The Suit (El Traje) - dir: Alberto Rodriguez (Spain)
Marry Me (Heirate Mich) - dir: Uli Gaulke (Germany).