First Look Media has pickedup all domestic rights to Eleanore Lindo's family drama Touching Wild Horses, which stars Jane Seymour, Charles Martin Smith andMark Rendall.

First Look's Bill Bromileynegotiated the deal with David M Perlmutter of the privately owned Canadianproduction company Chesler/Perlmutter.

First Look Media will openthe picture theatrically on Apr 30 in Salt Lake City followed by a home entertainmentrelease in the autumn.

The picture, which hasscreened at a number of festivals including Tribeca and Toronto, is a familybonding story between a grieving man and his aunt and takes place on a wildhorse preserve.

"Touching Wild Horses is a very moving, powerful story about the rite ofpassage of a young boy and his aunt, who are both locked in their own painfulfeelings and need to find release," Lewis B Chesler, who served as producerwith Perlmutter, said in a statement.

"We have expanded carefullyinto the family market, and, so far, we have been successful on all ourreleases - Amazing Heroes, Baby Prodigy, and most recently, Cybermutt," Bromiley said.

"Touching Wild Horses will be our first family film that we releasetheatrically. We are lucky to have the support of Jane Seymour who will be doingpublicity for the release locally in Salt Lake City."

First Look Pictures, adivision of First Look Media, released the music industry documentary MayorOf Sunset Strip last weekend andupcoming releases include Nick Willing's thriller Close Your Eyes and Reverge Anselmo's drama Stateside.