First Look Studios (FLS) interim chief executive officer Trevor Short and First Look International (FLI) president Stuart Ford have moved quickly to confirm that FLI will continue to operate as normal heading into Cannes following Nu Image's acquisition of a controlling interest in FLS.

Ford said last night [March 22] that while Nu Image will sell FLS' library of straight-to-video titles, he will continue to sell FLI titles and service existing relationships with producers and financiers.

The London office headed by Tim Grohne that FLI opened recently also remains in place and Ford said he expected it to be 'business as usual' on the Croisette.

'Buyers can absolutely expect to see us setting up shop in Cannes with the strong roster of films now expected of us.' Referring to the straight-to-video titles, Short said: 'This was material formerly handled by First Look Television not First Look International. Meanwhile Stuart and his team have a strong slate of theatrical titles which will absolutely remain under their control.'

FLI's roster includes Larry Charles' in-production documentary about the world's institutionalised religions; the Tennessee Williams adaptation The Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond; Gregg Araki's stoner comedy Smiley Face starring Anna Faris; and the true-life drama An American Crime, which stars Catherine Keener and Ellen Page.