US independent First LookPictures will take Native American Chris Eyre's drama Skins on a nationwide trip around Indian Reservations andcommunities ahead of the picture's theatrical release on September 27.The Rolling Rez Tour 2002 will present free screenings and take place in theCinetransformer, a trailer-like exhibition platform that expands laterally onsite into a 100-seat indoor venue boasting digital projection, surround sound,concession stand, restrooms and air conditioning. The Cinetransformer wasoriginally devised as a corporate promotional tool and has been used ineducational and humanitarian programmes.

Skins, produced by Encore Media Group, the AboriginalPeoples Television Network of Canada and First Look Pictures, is the secondfeature film from Eyre, who rose to prominence in 1998 after his debut SmokeSignals marked him out as the firstAmerican Indian film-maker to have a film screened theatrically in the US. Theroad movie was released by Miramax and grossed $6.7m. Skins received its world premiere at the 2002 SundanceFilm Festival and went on to play the festival circuit and was the closingnight film at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival in New YorkCity. The story centres on the plight of two Indian brothers trying to surviveon the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the site of Wounded Knee and thepoorest county in America. Graham Greene, who received a best supporting actorOscar nomination in 1990 for Dances With Wolves, stars.

"I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to screen Skins for Indians across the country free of charge, withthis revolutionary technology," said Eyre. "I'm a NativeAmerican film-maker and to be able to bring the film to my people is the mostrewarding experience I could have as a film-maker." Skins is produced by Jon Kilik, whose credits include BeforeNight Falls, Dead Man Walking and Clockers.