First Run Features has acquired US rights to New York Times journalist Andrew Jacobs' documentary Four Seasons Lodge and will announce the theatrical release date shortly.

Jacobs' picture recounts the final season for a group of Holocaust survivors that gather each year in a mountain idyll located in New York's Catskills. Albert Maysles led the team of cinematographers that shot the film.

'As the world continues to grapple with war and genocide, we think audiences will embrace this astonishing tribe of survivors who have found a way to find joy in life despite having endured unimaginable atrocity,' Jacobs said. 'People will be moved by the Lodgers and enriched by their wisdom, strength and humour.'

'We're proud to be working with Andrew and his team on the release of their film,' First Run Features vice-president Marc Mauceri said. 'Four Seasons Lodge is unique in that while it confronts weighty issues like aging and the legacy of the Holocaust, it also is both life-affirming and uplifting. It's a film we strongly believe in and are certain audiences will enjoy wholeheartedly.'