The Royal Thai Embassy is backing the launch of the first Thai Film Festival in the UK (Nov 28-Dec 5)

The Thai Film Festival 2002 will show a range of 15 Thai films, encompassing traditional and contemporary films, across a range of genres from comedy to horror. It is being held at the Prince Charles, Curzon and Odeon cinemas in London

The British directed film, Butterfly Man is being premiered at the festival. Directed by Kaprice Kea, Butterfly Man follows the adventures of a British backpacker in Thailand who falls in love with a local girl and ends up having to rescue her from the perils of human trafficking. The cast includes Stuart Laing (South West Nine), Abigail Good (Eyes Wide Shut) and Gavan O'Herlihy (Never Say Never Again).

Other titles in the festival include bittersweet comedy musical Monrak Transistor (A Transistor Love Story) directed by Pen- Ek Ratanaruang, Mehkong Full Moon Party directed by Keng-Jira Maikul; Asian co-production and ghost tripic Three, showcasing the work co-directors Peter Chan (Hong Kong), Ji Woon Kim (Korea) and Nonzee Nitimbutr (Thailand); the historical fantasy tale Kunpan Legend of the Warlord directed by Thanit Jitnukul and directors Oxide Pang ( Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye); and Pisut Praesangeam's suspense Bangkok Haunted in which three young Bangkok women are all personally affected by terrifying supernatural events.

The festival showcases two of award winning director Nonzee Nimibutr's features, including controversial drama Jan Dara and his no holds bar look at Bangkok's mafia underworld in Dang Bireley And The Young Gangsters.