See the young queen in short films unseen for 50 years.


Even if you want to rip down all the bunting enveloping England, you still might want to see the Queen’s filmic heritage over the Jubilee weekend. The British Council has released two films online showing the Queen as a young princess. Both Royal Road (1941) [pictured] and Westminster Abbey (1945) have been unseen for 50 years.

The films are in the British Council’s own film archive, which dates back to 1939.

They can be seen here:

Briony Hanson, the British Council’s Director of Film, said: “The Collection is proving to be a treasure trove of British history that’s enthralling viewers the world over. We are delighted to be able to offer these special films complete with some candid, intimate views of the Royal Family, for viewers to enjoy for the first time in 50 years. Crucially, as with the whole Collection, we’ve made them available to download with a ‘Creative Commons’ licence, and we very much encourage viewers to use the films to spark their own creative ideas – perhaps even adding in their own Jubilee images.”

Also, this story was a good time to remind everyone that Screen HQ in London is closed Monday and Tuesday due to the public holidays, and was a great excuse to post a picture of a corgi on ScreenDaily.