Fired up by a string of number one launches in major territories,Buena Vista International's (BVI) Flightplan ruled the roost at the weekend with anestimated $15.2m haul.

Ranking number one in 15 territories and boasting an internationalrunning total of more than $60m, the thriller looks to have its global anchorsin place ahead of next weekend's Harry Potter onslaught.

In a slew of number one debuts that all produced opening weekendrecords for Jodie Foster, Spain generated $2.5m, France produced $2.2m, andSouth Korea generated $2.1m.

Australia opened on $1.6m, Russia produced $705,000, Hollandgenerated $485,000 and the Philippines produced a strong $330,000.

The picture stayed top in itssecond weekend in Italy on $1.4m for $4.4m while in Germany it slipped fromfirst to second place for the first time in a month on $1.2m for $12.7m.

Chicken Little extended its lead at the North American box office this weekendand has plenty to crow about on the international scene as it grossed $6.4m fora $14.5m cumulative total.

It opened top in Brazil on $715,000 and scored an impressive$540,000 opening in Belgium that was easily enough to secure top berth.

The animated picture held firm at the top in its second weekend inMexico on $2.4m for $6.6m. Russia added $560,000 for $2.2m and second place inits second weekend.

The Brothers Grimm raised its running total to $48m through all distributors thanksto a second place $1.2m debut in Italy.

The Legend Of Zorro added $10.2m for $74m through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI), which licensed the majority of worldwide markets from thepicture's co-financier Spyglass.

South Africa was the only new release of the weekend and generated$190,000 from 80 prints for first place.

A strong hold in France elevated the running total by $2m to$13.2m for second place. Elsewhere the adventure sequel added $1m for $8.9m inSpain for second place, $800,000 for $6.7m in the UK for eighth place, and$800,000 for $5.1m in Germany where it ranks third.

The picture stayed top in Argentina for the third consecutiveweekend and is yet to launch in Japan and Australia.

SPRI reported a further $4.7m in business for The Exorcism OfEmily Rose, which hasamassed $12.6m from the early stages of its run.

Thecourtroom drama opened in second place in Mexico on $2.1m from 345 screens,$480,000 on 30 prints in Greece, $415,000 on 50 screens in Taiwan, and $250,000on 25 prints in Belgium.

DreamWorks International's Wallace And Gromit added $5.5m, bringing its UIP total to $115mthrough UIP so far.

Highlights included $2m from 495 UK sites for an extraordinary$53.5m, and $470,000 for $13m in France. Germany stands at $8.5m.

Paramount's Elizabethtown opened in another eight markets through UIP and grossed$5.2m for $13.5m.

The romantic comedy opened in Japan on $850,000 in 300 sites torank fourth in the key cities, while Spain produced $500,000 in 217 sites.After two weekends the UK has generated $2.5m and Germany stands at $1.9m.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride grossed an estimated $5.5m from 2,586 prints in 28 marketsthrough Warner Bros Pictures International; it has amassed $53m to date.

The animated picture has taken $9.2m in France, $5.3m in Italy and$4m in Spain. The UK and Japan stand at $8.2m and $7.1m respectively after fourweekends.

The thriller KissKiss, Bang Bang grossed$1.3m from more than 460 screens in 11 markets. It took $767,000 in 157 UKsites including previews, and $334,000 from 65 prints in Australia.