DreamWorksInternational's Meet The Fockershas a shot at passing $100m this weekend following an explosive run that hasalready produced $31.4m in the UK, $24.9m in Australia and $8.3m in Mexico.

Currently on an $88.4m cumulative total from all its markets, Fockers goes out through UIP in Italy today (11)and should prosper, bearing in mind the original opened top on $2.4m on 210screens in February 2001.

Miramax International's FindingNeverland was due to openthrough Buena Vista International (BVI) in Germany on Feb 10, followed a daylater in Spain and Mexico, and has grossed $15.4m from BVI markets to date.

Meanwhile BVI's The Incredibles stands at $359.9m and will have grossed $100m this year alone when therunning total reaches $362.5m. National Treasure has taken $139.7m to date.

Fox International gives Hide And Seek the first big coordinated push of itsyoung international life, with debuts scheduled for Australia and Russia on Feb10 on 206 and 120 screens respectively, and Mexico on Feb 11 on 400.

The distributor also handles Flight Of The Phoenix and will release the adventure remake inSpain on Feb 11 on 275 screens. Sideways was due to open in France on Feb 9 on 140 and stands at$5.9m.

Fox International was due to open The Aviator in Taiwan on Feb 9 on 66 and the picturehas grossed $5.4m from Fox markets to date. Latest figures put Taxi on $28.2m and Elektra on $21m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opens Closer in Sweden on Friday and executives willbe looking for a boost to the picture's excellent $58m international runningtotal.

Martial arts hit Kung Fu Hustlewas scheduled to open in Thailand on Feb 10 on 110 screens and has taken $63.3mto date. Comedy Are We There Yet'Was due to receive its first international release in Germany on Feb 10 on 200.

Paramount's TheSpongeBob SquarePants Moviewas due to open through UIP in France on Feb 9, and the UK on Feb 11. It hastaken $27.9m so far. Team America: World Police opens in Mexico on Feb 11 and hasgrossed $15.2m.

Universal's The Bourne Supremacygoes out in Japan through UIP on Feb 11 on 380 screens. The thriller sequel hasgrossed $100.7m from its international run to date.

Warner Bros Pictures International was set to release The Aviator in Australia on Feb 10 and Brazil a daylater, and the picture has grossed $2.9m in a limited number of Warner Brosmarkets.

The distributor was preparing to open Constantine in its first international market ofSouth Korea on Feb 9, ahead of next weekend's North American debut. A Very Long Engagement goes out in Italy on Feb 11 and stands at $48.2m.

Latest figures put Alexander on $31.1m through Warner Bros markets, while Ocean's Twelve and ThePolar Express have grossed $203.7m and$117.4m respectively.