Focus Features hasentered into a strategic online marketing partnership with AOL for PatriciaFoulkrod's Iraq War documentary The Ground Truth.

As part of the initiative AOL willcreate a customised profile of the film on its new AIM social networking service.

Featured soldiers in the documentary will write blogs and war testimonies, andusers will get access to exclusive video diaries that will be available forupload during the film's promotional tour.

The film's AIM page will also offer information on veterans' groups and supportgroups, as well as other features.

"We want as many people as possible to be able to see and hear The GroundTruth," Focus' chief executiveofficer James Schamus said. "AOL shares our commitment - and our priority- to get these American soldiers' faces and voices out there.

"We are stepping outside the industry box for the release pattern on thismovie, and with AOL's help Patricia's film will now reach the public itdeserves."

Focus Features holds worldwide rights to The Ground Truth and will take it onrelease in North America on Sept 15 for at least one week.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will then issue a special edition DVD onSept 26.