Focus Features has launched the film portal FilmInFocus featuring editorial content that the company said highlighted 'the most original stories from the world's most innovative filmmakers'.

The site will feature original content from Refresh Content's crew of Filmmaker Magazine writers and editors Peter Bowen, Scott Macaulay and Nick Dawson, as well as links covering film history, business and personalities.

A strategic partnership with Faber and Faber will grant visitors access to the publisher's archive of cinema related books as well as fresh material from Faber editors and writers Walter Donohue and Richard T Kelly.

'In visiting and spending time on movie-related websites over the years, we realised that there was no one easy-to-navigate place for grown-up movie lovers to participate in genuine dialogues about the joy of movies and the admiration of great film-making,' Focus Features CEO James Schamus said.

'We want FilmInFocus to not only market our own films - there is plenty of Focus-related content - but more importantly to actively encourage and celebrate the diversity of opinions and interests that make moviegoers such a vibrant community all over the world.'