Focus Featureshas picked up North American rights to Peter Cattaneo's Opal Dream and plans a 2006 release for the familypicture, which was previously known as Pobby And Dingan.

It will have itsworld premiere in the Dinard Festival Of British Film from Oct 6-9.

Sapphire Boycestars in the film as a young girl whose unshakable faith in her two imaginaryfriends has profound implications for the residents of her small hometown inthe Australian Outback.

Vince Colosimo,Jacqueline McKenzie, and Christian Byers also star in the BBC Films, UK FilmCouncil and South Australian Film Corp co-production.

Cattaneo adaptedthe screenplay from Ben Rice's novella Pobby & Dingan with Rice and Phil Traill.

Lizie Gower andNick Morris of London-based Academy Features produced with Emile Sherman forhis Australia-based Sherman Pictures, while David Thompson, Robert Jones,Finola Dwyer and Rice served as executive producers.

The film wassold originally by the now defunct Renaissance Films, which first screened thefilm to buyers in the Cannes market this year. No new international sales agenthas yet been appointed.

Focus executivevice president of business affairs Avy Eschenasy, senior vice president ofacquisitions Jason Resnick and vice president of acquisitions and productions,Europe, Lee Magiday negotiated the deal with BBC Films and Academy Films.

"As parentsourselves, we are always searching for beautiful and intelligent movies that ourfamilies can enjoy together," Focus co-presidents David Linde and James Schamussaid.

"Peter has made an upliftingand delightful film about finding magic in the everyday, one which we believewill hold a strong appeal for US family audiences."