Revenge Of The Sith swept past $200m at the international and $500m atthe global box office over the weekend as it remained the runaway number onetitle across the world.

Playing on 10,554 international screens through Fox International, the sci-fisaga added an estimated $64.1m for a $248.7m international running total aftertwo weekends.

Added to the current North American cumulative total, which according to Foxsources swelled by $55.3m over the three-day weekend, the worldwide total nowstands at $504.4m.

In its only major debut, Sithopened top in South Korea on $4m on 306 screens for Fox International's secondbiggest opening of all time.

The UK and France led a strong of mighty holdovers, producing $9.7m on 485 for$45.9m and $9.6m on 938 for $35.5m respectively.

Elsewhere the picture grossed $7.4m on 1,182 in Germany for $30.7m, $5m on 537for $17.1m in Australia, $4.2m on 497 for $16.2m in Spain, and $2.5m on 914 for$9.7m in Mexico.

Sith took $2.1m on 372 for $7.8min Russia, $1.7m on 683 for $7.2m in Italy, and $1.4m on approximately 500screens in each of China and Brazil for $5.8m and $4.9m respectively.

Sweden yielded $1.2m on 129 for $4.9m. Fox International will release Sith inJapan on Jul 9.

Kingdom Of Heaven, another epicthat the distributor launched earlier this month, added $6.8m on 4,750 screensfor a $126.1m cumulative total through Fox International.

Including France and Italy, where the adventure epic is released through Patheand Medusa respectively, Kingdom Of Heaven has grossed approximately $145m.

Fired up by a decent $1.4m debut in the UK in 305 sites and just under $800,000on 260 prints in France, Warner Bros' House Of Wax added $4.6m on 1,200 international prints for a $9mrunning total.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Pacifier added $2.8m for a $62m international cumulativetotal, powered by a second place $1.5m debut in the UK.

The family picture has grossed $9.8m after six weekends in Mexico and $3.1m inBrazil after three. Upcoming releases include France, Japan, Scandinavia andthe remaining Latin American markets.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy added approximately $750,000 through BVI over the weekend and currentlystands at $27m.

DreamWorks International's animated family picture Madagascar launched in its first markets through UIP, grossing$1.2m from 131 sites in three territories.

Madagascar grossed $612,000 inSingapore, ranking number one ahead of Revenge Of The Sith and securing a raft of records in its wake.

The debut produced the biggest Friday and Saturday results ever for an animatedrelease in Singapore, as well as the biggest industry and UIP three-day releasefor an animated title in the territory.

The picture opened top in Malaysia on $305,000 for another three-day industryanimated mark. The Philippines also opened top on $285,000. Madagascar opens in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Latviaand Lithuania next weekend.

Universal's The Interpreter added$2m in 1,580 venues in 28 territories through UIP for a $64m internationalrunning total.

The picture has grossed $13.3m in the UK and $7.3m in Spain after sevenweekends, $8.8m in Germany after six, and $2.2m in Japan after two.

Sony Pictures Releasing International reported a $600,000 weekend haul for KungFu Hustle, which opened in its firsttwo markets of 2005 following its storming run in Asia last year.

The martial arts romp opened in third place in Italy on $300,000 on 154screens, and opened on roughly the same amount on 126 Indian screens for anunconfirmed ranking. Overall Kung Fu Hustle has amassed $66.9m to date.