The foreign language Oscar race kicks off in earnest thisweek after the deadline for submissions closed on Friday (Oct 1).

The last few days before the deadline saw a flurry ofheavyweight films added to the long list of contenders (see list, below).

They included Venice prize winner The Sea Inside by Spain's Alejandro Amenabar - whichcontroversially saw off rival Bad Education by Oscar winner Pedro Almodovar to secure theSpanish vote. Sea's USdistributor, Fine Line, is expected to campaign for nominations in all the maincategories.

Italy, meanwhile, weighed in with Gianni Amelio'sVenice competitor The House Keys. LionsGate, Miramax and Paramount Classics are rumoured to currently be in talks tobuy US distribution rights to the film.

Russia submitted local blockbuster Night Watch. The fantasy thriller is distributed by FoxSearchlight in the US.

Meanwhile, there is confusion about which film Korea willactually submit. Last month, it put forward Kang Je-gyu's Tai Gu Ki, with Korean selectors under the impression at thetime that Kim Ki-Duk's 3 Ironwould not be able to qualify. 3-Ironwas released on one screen for one show a day for the final week of September.The film will get its "real" release on October 15.

However, it is understood that 3-Iron's US distributor Sony Pictures Classics contacted theUS Academy and got confirmation that it would in fact qualify. The Koreanselection committee has now rescinded their decision and is currentlyre-considering and has an extension until today (Monday, Oct 4).

Entries to foreign language section of the Academy Awards*

Argentina: El Abrazo Partido, dir DanielBurman
Austria: Antares, dir GoetzSpielmann
Belgium: The Alzheimer Case, dirErik Van Looy
Brazil: Olga, dir Jayme Monjardim
Bulgaria: Mila From Mars dir, Zornitsa Sophia
Canada: Far Side Of The Moon
Chile: Machuca, dir Andres Wood
China: House Of The Flying Daggers, dir Zhang Yimou
Colombia: Maria Full Of Grace dir Joshua Marston
Czech Republic: Up And Down, dir Jan Hrebejk
Denmark: The Five Obstructions:,dirs Lars Von Trier and Joergen Seth
France: Les Choristes, dirChristophe Baratier
Finland: Producing Adults, dirAleksi Salmenpara
Germany: The Downfall, dir OliverHirschbiegel
Greece: A Touch Of Spice, dirTassos Boulmetis
Hong Kong: Running On Karma, dirJohnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai
Hungary: Kontroll, dir NimrodAntal
Iceland: Cold Light, dir Hilmar Oddsson
India: Breath (Shwaas), dir Sandeep Sawant
Israel: Campfire, dir JosephCedar
Italy: The House Keys, dir GianniAmelio
Malaysia: A Legendary Love, dirSaw Teong Him
Mexico: Innocent Voices, dir LuisMandoki
Netherlands: Simon, dir EddyTerstall
Norway: Hawaii, Oslo, dir ErikPoppe
Philippines: Crying Ladies, dir Mark Meily
Poland: The Welts, dir MagdalenaPiekorz
Portugal: The Miracle According To Salome, dir Mario Barroso
Russia: Night Watch, dir TimurBekmambetov
Serbia-Montenegro: Goose Feather,dir Ljubisa Samardzic
South Africa: Yesterday, dirDarryl James Roodt
Spain: The Sea Inside, dirAlejandro Amenabar
Sweden: In Heaven, dir KayPollack
Switzerland: My Name Is Bach, dirDominique de Rivaz
Taiwan: 20:30:40, dir SilviaChang
Thailand: The Overture, dirItthi-sunthorn Wichailak
Uruguay: Whisky, dir Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll
Venezuela: Punto Y Raya, dir EliaSchneider
*This is not a complete list