Fortissimo Films has confirmed that it has acquired international rights from Werc Werk Works to Todd Solondz's Forgiveness and will commence pre-sales at EFM next month on the loose sequel to the director's 1998 dark comedy Happiness.

Fortissimo has always been connected to the project but the film has undergone several transformations in structure since the initial announcement in 2006.

Elizabeth Redleaf and Christine Kunewa Walker's East Coast production, financing and distribution company Werc Werk Works is fully financing and producing the film, which recently wrapped production in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Allison Janney, Ciaran Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Shirley Henderson, Michael Kenneth Williams and Paul Reubens are among the cast.

The theme of forgiveness weaves its way through a series or love stories as people struggle to find meaning in a war-torn world riddled with comedy and pathos.

Walker is producing with Mike S Ryan and Derrick Tseng, while Werc Werks Works CEO Elizabeth Redleaf serves as executive producer with the company's vice president of production Ken Bailey.

Werc Werk Works launched in 2008 and aims to produce three to four films a year. The company is also collaborating on Hungarian director Bela Tarr's The Turin Horse with Hungary's TT Filmmuhely, France's Movie Partners In Motion FILM, Swiss producer Vega Film AG and German outfit Zero Fiction Film.