Fifty two films from 24 countries have been selected for the Forum of New Cinema at next month's Berlin International Film Festival.

Directorial debuts by young filmmakers from Argentina, China, Japan, Mozambique, Hungary, the United States and Thailand together make up almost a third of the entire programme. Twenty-six of the films - half of the programme - are world premieres.

For the first time, the medium of video has not been placed in a separate category.

Instead, digital works will be screened at the CinemaxX, Kino Arsenal and Filmkunsthaus Babylon on an equal footing with 35mm productions. As in recent years, Forum premieres will be screened at the Delphi Filmpalast.

German filmmaking is well represented in the Forum. The feature film Milchwald- an original variation on the Grimm Brothers fairytale Hansel And Gretel played out along the German-Polish border - is the directorial debut of HFF Munich graduate Christoph Hochhäusler.

Identity Kills, the second feature film by Berlin-based filmmaker Sören Voigt, experiments with the use of documentary elements in narrative filmmaking and was shot without a screenplay.

Forum Films (by country):

Mercano The Martian (Mercano El Marciano), Argentina, Juan Antin, 35mm
Cine Piquetero, Argentina, various directors, DigiBeta
6th Street, No Number (Rua 6, Sem Número), Brazil, João Batista de Andrade, 35mm
Yellow Mango (Amarelo Manga), Brazil, Claudio Assis, 35mm
Cala, My Dog!, (Ka La Shi Tiao Gou) China, Lu Xuechang, 35mm
Remnants (Yan Fen Jie), China, Wang Bing, DigiBeta
Two Hearts (Xin Xin), China, Sheng Zhimin, DigiBeta
My Camera Doesn't Lie, China, Solveig Klassen, Katharina Schneider-Roos, DigiBeta
The Key to Determining Dwarfs or The Last Travel of Lemuel Gulliver (Klic K Urcováni Trpasliku Aneb Posledni Cesta Lemuela Gullivera), Czech Republic, Martin Gulik, DigiBeta
Mimi, France, Claire Simon, 35mm
Mon Voyage d'Hiver (Meine Winterreise), France, Vincent Dieutre, 35mm
Mary And The Wolf (Marie Et Le Loup), France, Eve Heinrich, 35mm
Marry Me (Heirate Mich), Germany, Uli Gaulke, Jeannette Eggert, 35mm
196 bpm, Germany, Romuald Karmakar, DigiBeta
Identity Kills, Germany, Sören Voigt, 35mm
Eigentlich Wollte Ich Förster Werden - Bernd Aus Golzow, Germany, Barbara and Winfried Junge, 35mm
Golden Lemons, Germany, Jörg Siepmann, 35mm
This Very Moment (Milchwald), Germany, Christoph Hochhäusler, 35mm
My Life Part 2 (Mein Leben Teil 2), Germany, Angelika Levi, 35mm
Goff In The Desert (Goff In Der Wüste - Photographie Und Jenseits Teil 7), Germany, Heinz Emigholz, 35mm
PTU, Hong Kong, Johnnie To, 35mm
Chinese Odyssey (Tian Xia Wu Shuang), Hong Kong, Jeff Lau, 35mm
Infernal Affairs (Wu Jian Dao), Hong Kong, Andrew Lau Wai-Keung, Alan Mak Siu-Fai, 35mm
Forest (Rengeteg), Hungary, Benedek Fliegauf., 35mm
Company, India, Ram Gopal Varma, 35mm
Bird Man Tale (Aku Ingin Menciummu Sekali Saja), Indonesia, Garin Nugroho, 35mm
Salt, Ireland/USA, Bradley Dust Gray, 35mm
A City With No Pity (Eer Lelo Rahamim), Israel, Tsipi Reibenbach, DigiBeta
Galoot, Israel, Asher de Bentolila Tlalim, DigiBeta
Letters From Palestine (Lettere Dalla Palestine), Italy, var. directors, 35mm
The Blessing Bell (Koufuku No Kane, Japan, Sabu, 35mm
Border Line, Japan, Lee Sang-il, 35mm
A Visit to Ogawa Productions (Ogawa Puro Homonki), Japan, Oshige Jun'ichiro, 16mm
Dream Cuisine (Aji), Japan, Li Ying, 35mm
Ardor (Mil-ae), Korea, Byun Young-joo, 35mm
Gina Kim's Video Diary (Kim Gina-Eui Bidio Ilgi), Korea/USA, Gina Kim, DigiBeta
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (Boksoneun Naegut), Korea, Park Chan-uk, 35mm
Eclipse, Mozambique, Orlando Mesquita, DigiBeta
Night Stop, Mozambique, Licinio Azevedo, DigiBeta
Edi, Poland, Piotr Trzaskalski, 35mm
The Day Of The Wacko (Dzien Swira), Poland, Marek Koterski, 35mm
Gololed, Russia, Mikhail Brashinsky, 35mm
The Suit (El traje), Spain, Alberto Rodriguez, 35mm
r, Switzerland, Miklos Gimes, 35mm
One Night Husband (Kuen rai ngao), Thailand, Pimpaka Towira, 35mm
Teknolust, USA, Lynn Hershman Leeson, 35mm
Something More Than Night, USA, Daniel Eisenberg, 16mm
Empathy, USA, Amie Siegel., 35mm
All The Real Girls, USA, David Gordon Green, 35mm
Cotton Candy, USA, Ernie Gehr., Mini-DV
Morning Sun, USA, Carma Hinton, Geremie Barme, Richard Gordon, DigiBeta
Power Trip, USA, Paul Devlin, 35mm
Missing Object, Vietnam, Vuong -'c., 35mm
Tribute to Shaw Brothers:
Kingdom And The Beauty (Jiang Shan Mei Ren), restored version, Hong Kong, Li Han-hsiang, 35mm
Come Drink With Me (Da Zui Jia), restored version, Hong Kong, King Hu, 35mm
Hong Kong Nocturne (Xiang jiang hua yue ye), Hong Kong, Inoue Umetsugu, 35mm
Intimate Confessions Of A Chinese Courtesan (Ai Nu), Hong Kong, Chu Yuan, 35mm
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (Shao Lin Sa Liu Fang), restored version, Hong Kong, Liu Chia-liang, 35mm
Special screenings:
Südostpassage, Germany, Ulrike Ottinger, DigiBeta
The Border City (Kyung-gye dosi), Korea, Hong Hyung-sook, DigiBeta