Forward Entertainment hassold a raft of broadcast rights on Rupert Murray's amnesia documentary UnknownWhite Male.

Rights have gone to Canal+in France, Fox International's Cult channel in Italy, HBO Ole in Latin America,YES - DBS Satellite Service in Israel, and Filmtrade in Greece.

Forward principals SheriLevine and Michael Thornton will continue to sell remaining internationalrights at MIP-TV in Cannes next month.

Murray's film follows hisNew York-based friend and former investment banker Bruce, who tries to piecetogether his sense of identity after losing his memory without any apparentreason.

Forward launched in May 2005and buys and sells features and television programming for the internationalmarketplace. Its slate include Georgia Lee's award-winning drama Red Doors, and Jessica's Wu's documentary In The Realms OfThe Unreal.