Fox International's Fantastic Four added an estimated $22.9m over theweekend for a $78.4m running total and a possible top international spot.

However the weekend champion may still be DreamWorks' Madagascar, which added more than $20.3m, a resultthat will swell once full weekend results are confirmed.

Key drivers for Fantastic Four were the UK and France openings, whichtook $5.8m on 409 screens and $5m on 635 respectively. Executives were unableto confirm rankings at time of writing.

Star Wars Episode III added $3.9m on 747 screens in its third weekend in Japan, whichsuffered a 6.0 earthquake near Tokyo. The film has generated $43.7m to date.

The Japanese total will continue to grow as school holidays getunderway this week. Overall the picture stands at a $422m international runningtotal.

Latest figures put Mr And Mrs Smith on $131.4m through Fox Internationalmarkets and Flight Of The Phoenix, which opened on $322,000 in Australia, on $12.5m.

Madagascar'sincomplete $20.3m-plus result in 43 territories raised its internationalrunning total to $181m, equal to the lifetime UIP international total of SharkTale.

The animated feature stayed top in many territories, including theUK where it added $5.3m in its second weekend for $20m, and Germany, where itadded $6.9m for $20.2m.

In other territories, Madagascar climbed to $19m in Australia, $17.8m inMexico, $17.2m in France, $9.8m in Brazil, $6.7m in South Korea, $3.9m inArgentina, and an impressive $3.4m in New Zealand.

Paramount's War Of The Worlds became UIP's biggest release of the yearand is closing in on $300m following an estimated $17.5m weekend haul in 6,313sites that raised the running total to $290.1m.

The picture added $2.9m in 458 theatres in its fourth weekend inthe UK to rank fourth on $45.5m, $2.4m in 755 in its third weekend in Francefor more than $20m and third place, and $1.1m in 678 in its fourth weekend inGermany on $17.8m and third place.

It remained number one in Italy for its fourth consecutive weekendafter adding $520,000 in 356 for a $13.9m cumulative total. Japan and Spainadded $2.2m in 340 for more than $40m and third place and $850,000 in 439 for$17.2m and third place respectively.

War of The Worlds ranked third in Australia after raising its total by $830,000 in259 for $14.6m, while South Korea added $1.4m for $17.5m and third place.Mexico stands at $15.7m and Brazil has grossed $7.1m.

Warner Bros Pictures International enjoyed a successful string ofdebuts for The Islandin the Asia/Pacific region that generated $10.5m and produced seven number onerankings in nine territories.

South Korea generated $5.6m including previews to become thedistributor's third biggest debut ever behind the first two Matrix pictures. Japan opened on $2m.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory opened in seven territories to combinewith four holdovers for a $5.6m weekend haul that raised the internationalrunning total to $12.1m.

The picture opened on just over $1m in Brazil on 334 screens andwas expected to rank number one. It added $2.7m on 670 prints in France for$8.2m.

Batman Begins added $3.6m in 56 territories for a $149.7m internationalcumulative total.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Herbie: Fully Loaded grossed $2.9m for a $13.8m running total.

The key driver was Mexico's $1.5m result on 400 screens. Argentinaclimbed 4% on $250,000 for an impressive $1.2m.

Sin City added$1.8m for $23.1m in BVI territories. It opened in Mexico on $760,000 and added$750,000 for $1.2m after two weekends in Australia.

Universal's Land Of The Dead opened in Argentina through UIP on $90,000 in 22 sites torank seventh. Mexico held well in its second weekend, adding $76,000 in 74 torank tenth on $345,000. Figures for Brazil's opening were incomplete at time ofwriting, however UIP is estimating $50,000 in 52.

The picture ranked second in Italy after adding $215,000 in 148for $925,000 after two weekends. Overall the picture has amassed $1.4m throughall territories to date.

The Interpreter remains active in 15 territories and has grossed $73.5m to date,rising to $79.1m including France, where it was release through MarsDistribution. Results for the debuts in Russia and India will become availablethis week.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Adventures ofSharkboy And Lavagirl in 3-D added $1.4m on 610 screens in six markets for an early $3m internationalcumulative total.

The family title opened on $655,000 on 157 screens in Brazil torank third. Mexico added $435,000 on 339 for $1.8m after two weekends.

The LongestYard generated $745,000on 300 screens in nine markets for a $12.6m running total. Russia opened on$385,000 on 182.