Fox International opened the comedy Just Married in South Africa at the weekend on anexcellent $134,000 from 60 screens, raising the film's international runningtotal to $44.3m.

The film grossed around $152,000 in total and has threemarkets to go, including Japan.

Elsewhere, the thriller Phone Booth added $2.6m from 754 screens in 12 marketsfor a total to date of $32m.

Highlights were a string of number two openings including Austria,where Phone Boothgrossed $121,000 from 35 screens, and Germany, where it produced $908,000 from311.

In Spain, JoelShumacher's film took $1.3m from 254 and in Switzerland scored $138,000 from30. All Phone Boothopenings ranked second in their respective market