Comingoff a modest worldwide opening for The Omen, Fox International nevertheless announced today that ithas crossed $1bn in overseas ticket sales in what it believes to be recordtime.

Thismarks the second consecutive year that Fox International has reached themilestone before any of its rivals -- six months is astonishingly fast intoday's highly competitive international marketplace -- and the sixth time thestudio has crossed the threshold. The studio officially crossed $1bn on Jun 9.

Keydrivers in the year-to-date have been Ice Age: The Meltdown, which is winding down on $441m, and X-Men: The LastStand, which remains active in themarketplace and currently stands at $160.1m.

Notableresults for the year so far include $76.4m for The Pink Panther; $64.8m for Walk The Line; $64.3m for Big Momma's House 2; and $35.1m in ticket sales this year for Cheaper ByThe Dozen 2, which took $46minternationally in total.

TheOmen rolled out in more than 60territories last week and took $31.5m in its first six days, a subdued figurethat was attributed to hot weather in Europe and the start of the televisedWorld Cup.

"Achievingthis milestone is a testament to the hard work and creative talent of ouroutstanding international division, both in the Los Angeles office and aroundthe world," Fox International co-presidents Paul Hanneman and Tomas Jegeussaid in a statement.

"Withthe year not even half over and an incredible line-up of titles in front of us,we look forward to Fox International's continued success."

Upcomingreleases include Garfield 2, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Devil Wears Prada,The Fountain, A Good Year, Eragon, and NightAt The Museum.