Fox International's comedy Marley & Me produced the biggest result of any Hollywood release overseas over a subdued weekend as an estimated $13.9m haul from 2,708 screens in 34 territories raised the running total to $51m.

Driving this were nine new launches led by a superb $6.5m number one start in the UK from 467 screens and a strong $1.7m debut from 517 in Russia that ranked first or second. Final results from Russia were unclear as the close of the weekend approached.

A further $1.95m haul from 549 in Germany in the second weekend raised the tally there to $5.7m as Marley & Me fought for the number one ranking, while $1.3m from 354 in France positioned the picture in third place on $4.3m after the same amount of time.

The sci-fi fantasy yarn Dragonball: Evolution opened in eight Asian territories and plundered $10.1m from 2,118 screens. The strong result delivered Fox's fourth and third best opening weekends of all time in China and Malaysia, grossing $3.4m from 855 and $731,441 from 110, respectively.

The picture opened in second place in Japan and South Korea on $3.3m from 540 and $1.2m from 280, respectively. There were further number one debuts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Fox's rap biopic Notorious opened in third place in Australia on $429,000 from 126 screens and the wartime thriller Valkyrie crossed $100m through all distributors and now stands at $101m. In Brazil, Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 in fourth place added $354,000 for an exceptional $20.3m running total after 11 weeks on release in its home country.

In its second week of widespread release, Watchmen added $13.6m from 5,309 screens in 54 territories through PPI to take the international total to $49.5m. Globally the superhero epic stands at $135.5m.

The largest contributions came from the UK on $1.9m from 417 sites following a 58% drop for $8.8m, Australia on $1.1m from 224 following a 53% drop for $4.1m, Germany on $1m from 373 after falling 43% for $3.7m, and France on $1m from 517, down 58% for $3.9m.

Watchmen sprung into eight new territories including Hong Kong, where it grossed $349,000 from 30 screens, and Sweden, where it outperformed Wanted's opening by 54% on $322,000 from 60 locations.

Hotel For Dogs grossed $2.4m from 2,044 sites in 41 territories for $34.9m and the teen release performed best in Spain, opening on $573,000 from 220. Horror remake Friday The 13th grossed $1.6m from 1,071 in 38 territories for $21.6m, scoring $404,000 from 142 in Australia.

Madagascar: Escape To Africa was back in action and raised the total to $404.3m after the family animated comedy opened in third place in Japan on $1.6m from 303. The suburban drama Revolutionary Road has crossed $50m and grossed $393,000 at the weekend from 692 venues in 58 territories to reach $50.5m.

Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino is racing towards the $50m threshold after another strong weekend through Warner Bros Pictures International raised the tally by $11.4m from approximately 2,200 screens in 27 markets to $47.7m.

The picture delivered another opening record for Eastwood, this time in Italy as it grossed $2.1m from 323 screens to rank second behind a local title. It opened in Holland on $215,000 from 34 including previews for another opening record for the director.

Holdover business was robust and overall fell a mere 25%. Gran Torino led the charge in Spain as it held on to top spot in the second weekend after slipping 14% on $2.3m from 270 for $5.8m. The picture added $813,000 from 153 in the second weekend in Germany for $2.1m and stayed top again in France as $3.1m from 464 elevated the running total to a mighty $15.1m. A $1.2m third weekend haul in the UK from 309 venues raised the tally to $8.1m.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button continued to edge towards the $200m mark as it added $4m from roughly 3,300 screens for $195.8m. The picture has grossed more than $320m worldwide.

Latest figures put Japan on $24.3m, France on $20.1m, Germany on $19.4m, Spain on $15.1m, Italy on $14m, the UK on $13m, Australia on $11.3m, Brazil on $8m, Mexico on $7.3m, and South Korea on $6.9m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's romantic comedy Confessions Of A Shopaholic grossed $6.1m from 2,200 screens in 24 territories for a $31.8m running total.

The picture scored a clear number one debut in Australia - home country of its star Isla Fisher - on $1.8m from 246, beating the combined results of the other top five releases. It opened in Germany in second place on $1.4m from 425 and launched at the top in Holland on $580,000 from 86 screens. In holdovers, Italy produced $650,000 from 378 for $5.2m and the UK generated $603,000 from 398 for $11m.

Elsewhere Bolt added $2.5m from 2,877 screens in 33 for $175.8m, Bedtime Stories raised its tally by $2m from 1,253 in 20 for $98.6m and is expected to overtake You Don't Mess With The Zohan within two weeks to become Adam Sandler's biggest overseas release. Family adventure Race To Witch Mountain opened day-and-date with North America in Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines, taking a combined $660,000 tally.

Universal's musical sensation Mamma Mia! crossed the $600m worldwide mark as the international tally of $457.5m combined with the $144.1m North American gross for $601.6m. This is Universal's biggest worldwide release in 12 years and ranks fourth in the studio's all-time global pantheon behind 1993's Jurassic Park on $923m, 1982's E.T. on $793m and 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park on $615m.

Horror tale The Unborn took $3.8m through UPI from 1,600 sites in 20 territories for $19.4m. The highlight was an excellent $1.4m number one launch in Mexico in 350 sites that bodes well heading into Monday's national holiday. The Unborn launched in sixth place in Germany on $742,000 from 244 and debuted in France on $350,000 from 98. The picture stands at $3.4m in the UK after three and there are 32 territories to go including Brazil next weekend.

Milk added $1.5m from 680 in 31 territories for a $16.7m total, Changeling grossed $1.2m from 878 in 35 for $73.7m, Role Models raised its tally by $800,000 from 688 in 23 to $24.2m, and Coraline added $350,000 from 427 in ten for an early $7.4m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's thriller The International added $2.1m from 1,215 screens in 37 markets for $17.5m. It opened in fifth place in France on $925,000 from 326 and stands at $5.7m in Germany after five weekends and $2.8m in the UK after three.

The Pink Panther 2 added $2.8m from 2,455 screens in 57 markets for $31.2m. It opened in eighth place in Germany on $750,000 from 374 and fourth in Austria on $200,000 from 69.

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans has reached $35.3m through all distributors after a Sony haul of $2.7m from 1,090 screens in 20 markets. The action fantasy opened in second place in Spain on $1.6m from 290 and second in New Zealand on $135,000 from 49 screens.

Sony's hit US comedy Paul Blart Mall Cop ventured overseas for the first time, grossing $875,000 from 365 screens in five markets, among them Mexico, where the picture opened second on $600,000 from 301. It ranked number one in Venezuela with a very good $225,000 haul from 35.