Fox International ruled the roost last weekend with Andrei Kravchuk's The Admiral and will look to hold on to its winning ways with the wide day-and-date launch of the video game adaptation Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg.

The action film breaks into 32 territories this weekend, among them Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand on October 16, followed by Spain and Sweden on October 17 and Taiwan on October 18.

The Fernando Meirelles drama Blindness has taken $3.4m from the early days of release and opens in Mexico on October 17. Horror story Mirrors, currently on $27.1m, opens in Brazil and Hong Kong this weekend and comedy The Rocker arrives in the UK on October 17. The sci-fi action film Babylon AD has amassed $15.8m through Fox and $40.8m through all distributors.

Universal's musical Mamma Mia! is strutting its way towards the $400m mark and stands a chance of crossing the threshold this weekend. The hit stage adaptation has grossed $393.3m to date and arrives in three small territories through UPI. Those launches combined with decent holdover business may be enough to see Mamma Mia! past $400m by the end of Sunday. If not, the goal should be reached within a week or so.

Universal's fantasy adventure Hellboy II: The Golden Army stands at $65.9m and opens in eight territories this weekend including Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland on October 15, Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on October 16 and Austria on October 17.

The action remake Death Race has grossed $21.2m so far and studio chiefs will be looking for it to shift up a gear with launches in eight territories including France on October 15, South Korea on October 16 and Brazil on October 17.

Meanwhile the Coen Brothers' dark comedy Burn After Reading opens in the UK, Australia and New Zealand through UPI, as well in Norway through Svensk and German-speaking Switzerland through Ascot Elite. The current international total stands at $21.2m.

Paramount-DreamWorks' paranoia thriller Eagle Eye is hitting its stride on $33.1m and should make significant gains this weekend with eight launches through PPI including the UK on October 17 and Japan a day later.

Tropic Thunder opens in four including France on October 15; the action comedy has grossed $56.2m. Latest figures put Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull on $468.9m. It is still the top international performer of the year-to-date and ranks ahead of Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) The Dark Knight on $464.7m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International chiefs expect the Adam Sandler to score his second $100m overseas triumph this weekend with You Don't Mess With The Zohan.

The comedy stands at $99.5m and owes much of its success to Sandler's enhanced promotional efforts around the world, in particular in the UK, Spain and Mexico.

'It's a pretty notable achievement considering he was once a largely domestic star,' Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group's chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution Jeff Blake said.

Blake said the actor had challenged studio chiefs to raise his international profile and noted the parity with the film's $100m North American gross as an indicator of a broadening worldwide appeal. Click crossed $100m overseas in 2006.

While it's clear the domestic result for You Don't Mess With The Zohan fell below what studio chiefs would have been expecting, Blake said the film's international performance 'really makes up for it.'

Elsewhere the Anna Faris comedy The House Bunny has taken $8,7m so far, while Righteous Kill has grossed $3m in Spain and stands at $17.7m through all distributors. Step Brothers on $23.2m opens in Italy on October 17.

Warner Bros Pictures International reported that the romance Nights In Rodanthe has amassed $33.3m and opens in Germany on October 16 and Russia on October 17. The spy thriller Body Of Lies stands at $15.6m and doesn't have any major releases scheduled until France on November 5 and Spain on November 7.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Wall-E stands at $239.1m and opens in Italy on October 17.

New Line International's Appaloosa and Journey 3D stand at $2.7m and $89.2m, respectively.