Twentieth Century Fox has optioned live-action/animation featurefilm rights for MGA Entertainment's best-selling BRATZ fashion dolls while 20thCentury Home Entertainment has already started production on a direct-to-videospin-off.

"The BRATZ dolls are a true phenomenon that has taken the toy dollindustry by storm," Fox Filmed Entertainment chairman Jim Gianopulos said in astatement.

He added: "That kind of success and impact on young people makethe property a natural as a major motion picture and we look forward to turningthe BRATZ figures into major motion picture stars."

"With the original DVD production coming before a theatricalrelease we will be in the unique position of being able to build the market forBRATZ programming prior to a feature film," 20th Century Fox Home Entertainmentpresident Mike Dunn said.

"We decided todo the deal with Fox because of the passion of Fox executives showed for theproperty, as well as Fox's worldwide reach and commitment in all forms of mediaincluding motion pictures, television and home video," MGA Entertainment chiefexecutive officer Isaac Larian said.