Theaction-horror picture Alien Vs Predator added $6.3m on 2,343 screens through Fox International atthe weekend to raise its international running total to $67.5m.

Key drivers wereItaly, where the picture opened top on $1.6m on 299 screens, and Spain, whereit opened in second place on $2.4m on 397.

The comedy Dodgeball grossed $378,792 on 268 for $51.4m, whileGarfield is currentlyon $119.5m.

Staying with comedies, Taxi had a disappointing debut in the UK on $988,020. Overall the picturegrossed $1.9m on 811 at the weekend for $6.5m.

The sci-fithriller I, Robot isat $198.8m, and Fox International executives are looking to the Nov 26 openingin China later this week to push it past $200m.