A new era begins this weekend when Fox distributes its first DreamWorks Animation film in the shape of The Croods.

Fox International executives can look forward to a weekend of domination as they unleash the family film in around 50 territories.

The UK, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Argentina and Singapore are some of the markets expected to embrace the prehistoric animated family.

Meanwhile, A Good Day To Die Hard stands at $203.5m and opens in Australia.

Reigning international box office champion Oz The Great And Powerful will most likely relinquish its grip on the arena this weekend. The family film has amassed $154.3m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

Wreck-It Ralph is set to arrive in its final market of Japan on Mar 23 and the former Oscar nominee has reached $252.8m.

Jack The Giant Killer has grossed $41m through Warner Bros Pictures International and marches into the UK, Australia, Russia, Japan and Holland this weekend.

Best picture Oscar winner Argo has reached $93m, while Gangster Squad stands at $55.5m and The Hobbit has amassed $712m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International has a pair of releases on the cusp of significant milestones. Django Unchained stands at $247.6m, while Hotel Transylvania has grossed $197.7m.

Resident Evil: Retribution has reached $188.7m overall, of which $173.1m comes from Sony markets. China’s tally has raced to $8.6m after four days.