The acrobaticantics of Daredevilwere too much for the competition over the weekend as Fox's actionpicture scored a string of number one openings, grossing $6.6m on 3,661international screens for a $45.9m running total.

Among thehighlights was the United Arab Emirates, where the picture grossed $254,000 on23 screens for Fox's second highest opening ever.

Daredevil also took $251,000 on 65 screens inSouth Africa for Fox's seventh highest opening ever and $54,000 on 15screens in Ecuador for Fox's fifth highest opening of all time.

Die AnotherDay opened number one inits final territory, Venezuela, scoring $177,000 on 65 screens. It was thedistributor's second highest opening ever and the industry's fifthhighest debut in the all-time rankings.

To date thehighly successful 20th James Bond instalment has grossed $264.5m at theinternational box office.

The romanticcomedy Just Marriedtook $1.8m on 772 international screens over the weekend, raising its total to$18.9m.

Opening number one in Singapore on 22 screens it took$179,000, while the number one Philippines bow yielded $142,000 on 31.

Solaris took $447,000 on 100 screens in Italy,finishing sixth and raising Steven Soderbergh's sci-fi remake to a $10.9mcumulative score.

The actionpicture Taxi 3 openedtop of the table in Taiwan on $537,000 on 66 screens.