Fox International's sci-fi thriller I, Robot continued its mighty rampage through Japan at theweekend, remaining number one for the fifth weekend in a row and adding anestimated $1.3m on 359 screens for a $29m running total.

Overall thepicture added $1.6m on 616 international screens to raise the internationalcumulative score to $187.3m.

2046, Wong Kar Wai's drama that FoxInternational has for most of Asia, grossed $594,000 on 169 screens in four marketsfor a $1.8m running total.

Highlights weresecond place in Singapore on $128,000 from 25 screens and $400,000 on 86 for anunconfirmed ranking in South Korea

The revengedrama Man On Firegrossed $4m on 1,390 screens for $28.9m, fuelled by two top 10 debuts and astrong hold in Europe.

The pictureopened seventh in France on $1.1m on 340 and second in Belgium on $305,000 on41. It added $967,000 in its second weekend in Spain on 301 screens and rankedthird for a $3.9m total there.

Dodgeball added $1.8m on 1,546 for $45.4m whileanother comedy, Garfield, grossed $1.4m on 1,066 for $114.1m, chiefly powered by a secondplace debut in Thailand that produced $404,000 on 155.

The actionhorror Alien Vs Predator raised its cumulative total to $24.7m as it nears the end of adisappointing run.