The sci-fi adventure Jumper leapt to the top of the overseas charts over the weekend thanks to an estimated $28.2m haul from 2,800 screens in 30 markets through Fox International.

The result was all the more impressive given that Jumper launched at number one almost everywhere and only seven of the debuts were major markets.

Key scores included $6.3m from 410 in the UK, $4.8m from 343 in South Korea, $3.7m from 450 in Spain, $3m from 273 in Australia and $2.7m from 392 in Russia.

The romantic comedy 27 Dresses added $7m from 1,700 screens in 25 markets for $23.5m. Highlights were $2.8m from 510 in Germany and $1.6m from 350 in Mexico, both of which produced number one rankings.

The Oscar nominated comedy Juno added $6.3m from 1,111 screens in 15 markets for $28.1m. The film was buoyed by moderate drops all round and ranked second in the UK on $2.8m from 366 for $9.7m and second in France on $1.3m from 166 for $2.9m.

Family title Alvin And The Chipmunks added $2m from 2,500 screens in 26 markets for $124m and the horror action sequel AVP2 has reached $86.2m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) executives had anticipated National Treasure: Book Of Secrets would cross $200m for months and their predictions were borne out at the weekend.

The adventure sequel added $12.4m from 2,864 screens in 44 territories to reach $201m and in so doing became Disney's 26th international release to cross $200m, producer Jerry Bruckheimer's seventh and Nicolas Cage's biggest overseas result.

With holdovers and the Chinese debut waiting in the wings the film is expected to finish considerably higher than $201m. Weekend business was fired up by a $5.7m number one launch in France on 600 screens and $300,000 from 50 in Finland.

The third weekend in the UK generated $3m from 491 screens for $11.3m, while the fourth in Germany added $1.2m from 680 for $15.2m and is expected to see the film overtake the original's final gross by Wednesday or Thursday. The film stayed top for the second consecutive weekend in Denmark as $453,000 from 57 raised the tally to $1.7m.

Enchanted added $1.8m from 1,696 screens in 33 territories for $180.5m. A $200m-plus final result would appear to be on the cards given that the film is set to launch in Japan on Mar 14.

There Will Be Blood ventured into 15 new territories and took $3.4m from 570 sites in 17 territories for $4.6m. The film climbed to 120 screens in the UK where it ranked sixth and added $1.1m for $1.8m.

Elsewhere, the Oscar nominated drama opened in Spain on $588,000 from 102, Italy on $515,000 from 100 and Brazil on $211,000 from 51. Australia added $339,000 from 68 for $825,000.

Paramount's monster movie Cloverfield continued to rampage across the world as $7m from 3,071 locations in 52 territories through PPI raised the running total to $68m. The film added $1.5m from 448 sites in France for $5.1m and $1.4m from 370 in the UK for $16.3m.

No Country For Old Men grossed $4m from 1,386 locations in 25 for $30.5m, while The Kite Runner added $1.7m from 545 screens in 19 territories for $21.8m. The Spiderwick Chronicles opened in South Korea on $1.2m including previews from 150.

Sweeney Todd raised its tally to $70m thanks to a $6.8m haul through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from more than 2,300 prints in 48 markets. It opened in second place in Spain on $1.8m from 273 screens and added $427,000 in Mexico from 310 for $1.6m and $230,000 in Brazil from 81 for $823,000.

The Bucket List added $4.1m from 1,677 prints in 20 territories for $26.3m, fired up by a $1.2m launch in the UK in 280 sites.

I Am Legend added $3.7m from more than 2,700 prints in 53 markets for $323.2m. The film added $1,8m from 510 prints in the second weekend in Russia for $8m.

Fool's Gold raised its tally by $1.4m from 250 prints in four markets for $4m, fuelled by a $930,000 haul from 192 prints in the second weekend for $3.2m.

L Change The World (aka Death Note 3) stayed top in Japan for the second straight weekend in a row and added $3m from 398 prints for $13.6m. L Change The World is co-produced by Warner Bros Pictures and Nippon Television Network.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's family title The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep grossed $3.8m from 1,855 screens in 29 markets for $22.4m and opened sixth in France on $1.1m from 300 and 15th in Holland on $45,000 from 31.

The film ranked fourth in its second weekend in the UK after $1.6m from 438 raised the tally to $4.7m and 10th in Brazil as $235,000 from 177 raised the tally to $2.1m. The comedy CJ7 grossed $2m from 390 in seven for $16.5m.

Universal's drama Charlie Wilson's War grossed $3.8m from 1,580 venues in 38 territories through UPI for a $32.6m running total. It opened in five smaller countries this weekend and ranked ninth in the second weekend in Germany as $875,000 from 330 venues raised the tally to $2.6m. There are 17 territories to open over the next three months including Spain next weekend.

The romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe added $3m from 571 sites in three territories through UPI to raise the early total to $5.8m. It opened in second in Australia on $1.4m from 179 sites and held firm in seventh place in the second weekend in the UK on $1m from 330 sites for $3.8m.

American Gangster added $2.5m from 1,455 venues in 35 territories for $128.5m. The crime drama added $900,000 from 290 in its third weekend for $7.4m and stands at $2.9m in Mexico after the same amount of time.

Atonement grossed $1.6m from 500 sites in 38 territories for $66.5m. It opened in four smaller countries this weekend including Chile on an excellent $70,000 from 14 locations. It crossed AU$10m in Australia, which accords its blockbuster status thanks to a $140,000 haul from 108 places in the ninth weekend.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age opened in Japan although results were unavailable at time of writing. There are seven territories in Latin America set to launch over the next three months and the running total stands at $49.2m.

Die Rote Zora grossed $500,000 from 372 sites in four German-speaking markets for $45.1m. The German tally has reached $3.4m after 25 days.

New Line International has not reported an update for The Golden Compass.