Fox International's The Omen ruled the weekend but it packed less of a punch thanexpected due to the World Cup and scorching weather in Europe.

The satanic tale grossed an estimated $31.1m on 4,783 screens forthe Tuesday to Sunday period, approximately $13m of that coming frompre-weekend figures.

The launch in more than 60 territories produced 10 number onedebuts according to early estimates, led by Mexico's $4.1m opening on 580screens and $4m in the UK on 343.

In other highlights, The Omen launched in Russia on $3m on 340 for aprovisional number one. Number two openings included $2.1m in Spain on 280,$1.5m in South Korea on 120, $1.2m in Italy on 374, and $1.1m in Germany on313.

It also grossed $1.1m in France on 280 and launched in Australiaon $982,000 on 144 in sixth place.

X-Men: The Last Stand added $12.8m on more than 6,900 screens in a third weekend haulthat raised the international running total to $160.1m.

The action picture stayed top for the third consecutive weekend inBrazil on $1m for $8.7m, and added $1.7m in the UK for $29.6m. Australiagenerated $1.1m for $10.3m, Spain produced $1.3m for $10.1m, France produced$1.1m for $17.7m, and Mexico generated $1.3m for an unconfirmed running total.

Ice Age: The Meltdown opened in China on $997,000 on 550 screens and has now amassedmore than $441m internationally.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) reported a $22mweekend for The Da Vinci Code on 9,600 screens in 84 markets. Weekend business consolidated thepicture's position as the company's biggest international release in historyand raised the running total to $453.2m.

In fourth weekend holds The Da Vinci Code stayed top in Japan and Spain for $4.6mon 764 screens for $56.1m and $2m on 391 for $28.2m respectively. It alsoremained number one in Germany on $1.4m on 1,146 for $1.6m, and Italy on $1.2mon 808 for $34.3m.

The comedy RV grossed $1.5m on 707 in 12 markets for an early $2.9m cumulativetally. It opened sixth in the UK on $575,000 on 250, and fifth in Mexico on$280,000 on 150.

Poseidon added$10.3m and approximately 1.5million admissions on more than 3,300 prints in 24countries for a $56m international tally.

South Korea produced $2.4m on 252 prints to stay top in its secondweekend for an $11.6m running total. Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong stand at $6m,$4m and $1.3m respectively. Mexico has amassed $5.1m, the UK stands at $4.4m,and Italy stands at $3.2m.

Cars launchedthrough Buena Vista International (BVI) in six markets and took $5.4m on 468screens in six territories, the third best opening for a Pixar title in thesame territories behind Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Every territory opened number one. Australia produced$3.3m on 265 screens, while Singapore took $510,000 on 50, New Zealand took$460,000 on 45, Malaysia grossed $420,000 on 50 for the biggest Pixar openingof all time. Taiwan grossed $400,000 on 16 and the Philippines opened on$325,000 on 40.

Scary Movie 4 added $1.3m on 685 international screens for BVI, raising thecumulative tally to $68m, and The Wild added $1.2m for $46m.

Paramount's Mission: Impossible 3 crossed $200m as it added $3.6m from2,900 sites through UIP to raise the international tally to $200.7m.

India opened on $630,00 in 200 sites. Latest figures put SouthKorea on $36.3m, the UK on $28.5m, France on $14.6m, and Germany on $10.2m. M:I:3is yet to open in Japanand China.

Over The Hedge grossed an estimated $3.4m from 911 locations in 12 territories,bringing the tally to $14.1m.

Universal's US hit comedy The Break-Up kicked off its international career witha strong $2m debut on 182 sites in Australia that ranked second, and $208,000in New Zealand on 48.

United 93is active in four European territories and took a hit from the combined WorldCup/heatwave effect. It has amassed $4.7m after two international weekends andstands at $2.5m in the UK, $1.5m in Germany, $430,000 in Austria and $180 inSwitzerland.

Inside Man added $1.1m in 500 venues in 21territories for $89.3m, powered by an $825,000 opening in Japan in 197 sites.